Why Choose us?

About Holidayz Mart?

At Holidayz Mart, we believe in bringing on smiles, because for us, your smile is simply precious.

Our endeavour is not just to plan a blissful vacation to some of the most exotic destinations around the globe, but we also strive to ensure that you create magical memories with your loved ones, at honest prices.

Holidayz Mart, your travel partner since 2006, understands that travelling is an experience that we all look forward to. And our travel experts make sure that your dream holiday is nothing short of perfect.

It’s simply how we do this! We live your dream with you.

Just pick your destination, zoom past our line of travel itinerary, and leave the rest to us. You get to fly the best of airlines and live matchless hotel experience. All this while we also make sure that passports, visas and other travel documents are done, as smooth and quick as can be.

What also sets us apart from peers and your regular travel agents is the fact that we listen to YOU. We have the patience to understand what’s in your mind, what are your dreams, and how YOU want us to plan it all. Because we know that it’s your dream we are making true!

Flexible Payment Options available based on your travel dates and destinations.

Our tagline ‘Travel for Pleasure’ resonates our endeavour to make your holiday not just pleasurable but also completely trouble-free.

Come, live a lifetime with us, at Holidayz Mart.

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